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Meet R.O.S.S.

A better solution for money automation

When it comes to monetary transactions, "good enough" isn't good enough.

If your tools aren't handling 100% of your workflow, then all you end up with is manual work to support automated technology. This doesn't scale.

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Flexibility. Not just code.

If you can't see the rules that manage your financial transactions you can't control them. Want to change payment gateways? Merchant providers? R.O.S.S. can handle that for you without changes to code.
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Clearly follow the money

Money needs to be tracked and a good system doesn’t break the audit trail. No matter what your workflow looks like, R.O.S.S. can bridge systems and services in order to provide you with the audit trail you've always wanted.
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Return to the business at hand - yours.

R.O.S.S. is protected by multi-layered, communications security protocols and a strong, permissions-based architecture. Because, we know that if you're worrying about the security of your data, then you can't focus on your business.

R.O.S.S is qualified to handle all sorts of jobs...