Board Searvices

Board Services

The corporate world is rapidly changing. This is why corporate Boards have realized that boardroom practices must remain supple and dynamic to allow organizations to thrive in this environment. A Board member today requires strong and active leadership capabilities, personal accountability and senior executive coaching. Board members who are dedicated remain are a critical element to make a positive difference to organizations.

"At Hire Ross, our Board Services aspect is all about strengthening our clients’ Boards through our interaction, and ensuring that we can make a long-lasting impact. "

Overview of Board Services

1. Board Consultation

We focus immensely on consulting. We offer a patient ear to understand your situation and your needs. You may require a leadership assessment, management audit, cultural review, or any other services. We also offer other value-added services such as competitive analysis, market intelligence, leadership advice etc.

2. Board Assessment

In this highly competitive landscape, it’s not enough to pick a random CV off the internet. We add value and insight to the selection process by identifying the most viable candidates. Our work is based on a comprehensive, orderly approach that ensures finding suitable candidates who fit above and beyond your needs.

Our approach aims at quick response via a deep understanding of your requirements which includes practical consultation, prospect identification and investigation, assessment, and placement follow-up.

For more information on board assessment, visit the dedicated board assessment section.

3. Board Management

We provide expert consulting by closely monitoring your situation. Our focus is on offering advice and consultation on resourcefully managing your Board to deliver the best results for your company.